The Flight Analyzer of FsQC

Improve your flying skills with our flagship the Flight Analyzer for FSX and FS2004.
This utility is the same as a Flight Data Recorder (Black Box), it is monitoring your flight in all phases:

  • taxiout
  • takeoff
  • climb
  • cruise
  • descent
  • landing
  • taxiin

After you parked your aircraft at the gate a flight report with a detailed landing chart is generated in pdf format.
You can evaluate your flight and see which improvements you had made and
which skills are to be improve

The Other Thing of FsQC

The main window is fully operational without activation, the following things work:

  • change time
  • change date
  • change fuel
  • change payload
  • payload in kilo or lbs
  • change traffic density
  • runway detecting system
  • airport information
  • flghtplan information with calculated distance in Nm and Km.
  • aircraft information
  • which flight and flightplan is loaded
  • a small flight planner
  • load a flight
  • load a flightplan
  • reload a flight
  • reload a flightplan
  • quickly look in one window all your settings: Graphics, Aircraft, Scenery, Weather and Traffic while you flying and change them.
  • freeze FS time
  • auto pause simulator
  • failure system

When Activated

When activated you have additional:

Try Now Before you Buy

You can try for one month free: Download FsQC

This addon utility for FSX and FS2004 requires a computer with XP or higher, Microsoft .net framework 4.6 or higher and internet access, FSUIPC and Flight simulator FSX or Flight simulator FS2004 (FS9) installed. You can download FSUIPC for free here.

See also the manual and info.


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