Download FsQC

download only update v5.11

  • Latest version 5.11

  • Update for P3Dv4.
  • Some minor changes.

  • Latest version 5.10

  • Now also P3D and ESP supported.
  • The small Flight Planner has now additional features.
  • Choose a Random destination.
  • Shows the 5 nearest airports.
  • Make a flightplan and load in FS (only straight flight without waypoints).

    Screenshot Flight Planner

  • Version 4.09

  • More information in the Statistics
  • The small Flight Planner now calculate also the course, and cruise altitude according US flight rules.
  • Latest 200 ATC messages saved: departure, enroute, approach and arrivel. (double click on the aircraft in the logbook)
  • Better calculating ETE and ETA, and take into account the time zones.
  • Estimated real flown distance during climb, cruise, and descent.
  • Estimated taxi distance during taxiout and taxiin.
  • Tooltips on some labels for additional explaining.
  • Better error handling when the connection with the simulator is lost.
  • When changing time, fuel, payload, traffic or Pause FS: hit enter, not necessary to click the button.
  • Use the TAB button to jump to next item.

    Screenshot Statistics

    Screenshot Flight Planner

  • Version 4.07

  • Now added in the Pilot Logbook:

  • Transfer your FSX flightbook to this logbook
  • Top 5 Statistics for Airport, City and Country

    Screenshot Statistics

  • Added in version 3.05

Now Airport information is added.

Information about all airports such as:

  • Number of Runways
  • Runway length
  • Runway Headings
  • Elevation
  • All Radio Frequencies
  • All ILS Frequencies
  • Name Airport, City and Country
  • Distance Airport from your aircraft

    Screenshot Airport Information

Now a small flight planner is added.

This is very handy when you use other flight planners, fill in only:

  • ICAO departure (already filled in by FsQC, but not in FS9)
  • ICAO destination
  • Cruise altitude
  • FsQC can also calculate the distance then cruise altitude is automaticly filled in by FsQC

    Screenshot Flight Planner

Now with even more extensive data!

Such as:

  • Runway ID at departure and arrivel
  • Runway length and elevation at arrivel
  • Name Airport, City and Country
  • Estimated real flown distance
  • Estimated real flown distance during climb cruise and descent
  • Visibility at 500 ft. (landing)
  • Landing Attempts
  • Whether QNH properly set during cruise and landing
  • Groundspeed in landing chart

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